Surf’s up! -July 15th

This morning, some people went exploring throughout the city. The downtown strip of Byron Bay is full of colorful shops including retail, cafés, and surf boards for hire. A few of the stores are full of great souvenirs hand crafted by aboriginal people of australia. There were beautiful, locally made boomerangs and didgeridoos. They also had heaps (a commonly used Australian word) of different polished stones from all over the country, each with their own meanings.

Some other group members went to the beach and enjoyed the sunshine before we started our days lesson.
This afternoon we had a completely new type of lesson for us. Instead of equations and experiments, we learned how to catch a wave. Surfing was difficult but for most of us it was a brand new experience. A few of us excelled and some gave up halfway through the lesson and enjoyed the waves with no board. Personally, I kept trying (and failing) and most of the time ended up with either a face full of water or in a belly flop.


The most difficult part of it all was trying to get out deeper to the where the big waves are. The board was difficult for a lot of us to get our arms around, and the huge waves pounded you and the giant board backwards towards the shore. However, the instructors were very helpful and were always around to give you a push if you couldn’t paddle fast enough to catch the wave! Even though I didn’t excel like some, it was still an incredible experience to surf in Byron Bay with the 6 foot waves!


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