QUT tour!

When we arrived in Brisbane, Dr. Strong got an enthusiastic email from Dr. Peter Grace, a researcher over at QUT (Queensland University of Technology) who has an affiliation with MSU. He was so excited to hear that some MSU Lyman Briggs students were in Brisbane! He invited us to tour QUT and to go out to his various ecological research stations. We took him up on that wonderful offer and off to QUT we were!

When we first arrived we were greeted by Dr. Grace, he seemed ecstatic to have us there on campus. He took us around the local campus, which was built especially for research in Science and Technology. The first room we went into was covered with an amazing interactive wall that gave a whole bunch of information about the various animals that reside in the Great Barrier Reef. We were given some QUT hats, and we were officially welcomed into the facility. Dr. Grace took us to view his research center and some of the major lecture and conference halls. One held a meeting of some of the deans of the college. When we walked in, the Dean of Health immediately came over to our group of eager students and talked to us about different programs that QUT offers to their health students. He was a very nice man and was excited that most of us are going into health professions.

We finished up our tour of QUT and headed out in multiple vehicles to the Samford Ecological Research Center. Once we were there, we met some more members on Dr. Grace’s research team, and they took us out into the Bush, a type of forest ecosystem, and hiked around looking at the various traps, soil checks, and CO2 monitoring that they have around the area that was donated by a family to QUT. Dr. Grace then made us a wonderful lunch consisting of sausages, salad, and Kangaroo!

After lunch we headed out to Mount Glorious, specifically Maiala National Park. This part of Queensland consists of sub-tropical rain forest.  At the very beginning of our rain forest walk through we saw a momma wallaby and her joey! We had a lot of fun looking at the different kinds of trees and plants that made up the forest.

We would like to thank Dr. Grace and QUT for the wonderful experiences and information about university in Australia!

Talk soon,



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