Fraser Island Campfire

On Monday afternoon, the long awaited Fraser Island was finally in sight after a 45 minute ferry ride. Right as we got off the boat, we were greeted by a lovely lady who took us to our lodging. Five rooms, eight bunk beds, two toilets, and four showers for sixteen students and one professor.IMG_2264


We made it work! However, there was no wifi which posed a problem for this blog so I apologize for the late post.


We all unpacked and had about two hours before meeting for dinner. A small group of us went wandering the island to see what we could find. On our way, we exited a large fence with the sign “CAUTION, YOU ARE NOW ENTERING DINGO TERRITORY”. The trail led us to a beautiful lookout where we saw surrounding islands and nearby creek, but sadly no dingos.

The long walk brought us back to the pier right before dinner. On the beach, there were perfect spheres of sand that we later learned were from a certain species of crab that rolls the sand in its mouth to get the nutrients, then releases the sand in a perfect ball and moves forward. Thus, creating the patters as seen in the photo below.


After a meal of pasta and salad, the group headed out in the misting rain to a bonfire. Thanks to our ranger, Megan, we roasted some marshmallows and warmed up by the smoldering fire. Megan told us a beautiful story by the original inhabitants of Fraser Island that explains how the island came to be. There was a god named Yendingie who was charged with creating all the land for people to live on and when he came to Hervey Bay, he had a helper named K’gari who was a beautiful spirt. She helped Yendingie make everything from mountains to rivers, but she was getting very tired so Yendingie told K’gari to rest on three rocks, and she did. While she was sleeping, Yendingie continued his work. When K’gari woke she said “This is the most beautiful place, I wish to stay here.” But Yendingie said “That is not possible, you are a beautiful spirt that belongs in the sky.” K’gari was not satisfied with this answer so Yendingie granted her wish but said she could not stay as a spirt. He asked her once again to lie down on the rocks and rest and as she did, Yendingie covered her with trees, flowers, and animals. He gave her beautiful lakes as eyes so she could always look up to the heavens and running creeks to be her voice. He provided her with people and gave them the gift to multiply so she would never be lonely. There she lies today, the place of K’gari, or more commonly known as “paradise”.

Heaps of marshmallows later, the group headed back to the cabin to end a fantastic day of travel.


Until next time, cheers!

Carli P.


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